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The Inspiration® 7i series of ventilators is a versatile system designed with physicians in mind.

Ventilator Inspiration has an intuitive and easy-to-learn comprehensive graphical user interface. Initial ideal body weight allows the clinician to start ventilation quickly and safely.

A complete set of modes allows you to choose the mode that best meets the needs of a particular patient.

The option of a built-in compressor and the presence of a battery provide uninterrupted operation and autonomy in the absence of external electrical and pneumatic power.


  • Intuitive interface. The user-friendly design of the graphical user interface has been optimized to reduce the number of operational failures. It makes navigating and changing settings intuitive. Its color options and settings highlight changes and make it easier to see. This means less time spent changing ventilation parameters and more time actually treating the patient.
  • Automatic control. Automatic control - automatic transition from full ventilatory support by the ventilator to full ventilation control by the patient. Provides an easy, automatic and smooth transition between mandatory and spontaneous support in pressure or volume mode. Automatic control helps wean the patient off the ventilator.
  • Non-invasive ventilation (NIV). The standard NIV feature allows the use of any non-ventilated patient interface and can be connected through a standard ventilator circuit. Inspiration provides multi-dimensional ventilation through NIV available in all modes. With leakage compensation up to 60 l/min, fitting masks and improving patient comfort is made easier.
  • High oxygen flow (Hi FlowO2). The Hi FlowO2 feature allows the clinician to improve gas exchange, and continuous humidified therapy can help reduce the work of breathing in chronic patients.
  • Automatic tube compensation. Tube Compensation (TC), when enabled, automatically calculates the pressure drop across the endotracheal tube (ETT) and allows the ventilator to compensate for resistance associated with the ETT or tracheostomy tube through a closed-loop control of continuously calculated tracheal pressure. This calculation takes into account flow, gas composition (helium or nitrogen/oxygen), inhaled oxygen fraction (FIO2), tube diameter, length and curvature of the pharynx depending on patient size (neonatal, pediatric, adult).
  • Multimode. A complete set of ventilation modes - controlled, synchronized or spontaneous. Full range of ventilatory breath types – pressure (P), volume (V), pressure support (PS), volume support (VS), spontaneous positive breaths, pressure (SPAP) or pressure regulated volume control (PRVC). Tidal volume in the range of 2 to 2000 ml ventilation from neonates to adult patients.
  • Index of ideal body mass (IBW). Automatic IBW calculator based on patient height and gender. The IBW calculator provides a quick and safe start of ventilation. Pre-populated (custom) ventilator settings for IBW-based ventilation.
  • Charts and signals. One, two or three waveforms that can be viewed on the main screen. Adjustable loop, waveform or trend dial from 6 seconds to 72 hours. Color graphics make it easy to analyze spontaneous and mechanical breathing. Freeze function on all charts, loops and waves.

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  • 3 years warranty for device and  transducers
  • reliable service and maintenance 24/7
  • warranty and post-warranty support
  • free delivery throughout Ukraine and training on new equipment
  • possibility of payment in installments
  • approbation of equipment in your medical institution
  • demo room visit
  •  training courses and conferences

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  • Integrated and/or external compressor
  • 12.1” or 17” LCD touch screen with tilt and rotation
  • Patient category selection
  • Choice of oxygen concentration
  • Respiratory support modes with volume control, pressure control, or dual control for assisted and spontaneous ventilation.
  • Inspiratory flow and pressure trigger
  • Apnea monitoring and apnea ventilation systems
  • Digital and graphic display of ventilation parameters
  • Monitoring of respiratory mechanics
  • Mode “Deep breath” (Smart Sigh™) with frequency and amplitude
  • Selecting the operating mode of the nebulizer (Smart Nebulizer™)
  • Priority alarm system
  • Spontaneous biphasic positive airway pressure (SPAP) and pressure and volume controlled (VTV) ventilation modes
  • NCPAP, NCPAP+ modes (nasal PTK support)
  • CliniNet interface (optional) provides real-time data viewing
  • Helium ventilation (Heliox)
  • Data monitoring from proximal flow sensor EZ-Flow
  • Non-invasive ventilation in all modes
  • Automatic control mode
  • Integrated compressor (option)
  • Calculation of ideal body weight


  • Target volume ventilation mode. Targeted Volume Ventilation includes three important features: Pressure Regulated Volume Control (PRVC), Volume Support (VS) and Automatic Control. The main advantage of all three options is their ability to adapt breath maintenance in response to the patient's dynamic breathing.
  • Measurement of volumetric capnography (VCO2). Capnography has become an important tool for assessing the adequacy of ventilation. Volumetric capnography has become the best method for accessing both quality and quantity of ventilation. The eVolution ventilator provides continuous ventilation and perfusion feedback, correct arterial CO2 assessment, dead space measurement, and minute ventilation to properly assess alveolar ventilation and physiological dead space (Vd/Vt) measurement. This allows an estimate of the total dead space to ventilate the patient's tidal volume to support the process of disengagement from the device.
  • SPAP measurement - spontaneous positive airway pressure increase. Regardless of your ventilation strategy (volume or pressure), the Inspiration® 7i ventilators offer modes that give your patient maximum control and synchrony. SPAP is a pressure-based breathing mode that allows patients to breathe spontaneously at two user-selected PEEP levels. The operator sets high and low PEEP levels (P high and P low) and independent pressure support levels (optional) for each PEEP level (Psup high, Psup low).
  • Nasal CPAP+ function. In modern intensive care units and delivery wards, intubation increases the risk of airway injury and infection. The advanced pneumatic systems of the Inspiration 7i ventilator and the Inspiration exhalation systems with unique NCPAP modalities provide a gentle, non-invasive, proven breathing method for newborns with respiratory problems. NCPAP+ Inspiration mode builds on the exceptional performance of the original NCPAP mode, enabling clinicians to provide their patients with personalized, non-invasive care. NCPAP+ allows you to provide a predetermined level of pressure control above PEEP at a user-defined rate, inspiratory time, flow, and more.
  • Lung Model and Weaning Target Tool. The alveolar lung model allows clinicians to visualize lung mechanics and optimally monitor patients. Because every patient is unique, the Weaning Target Tool allows clinicians to set up weaning targets for a patient and track progress in real time. In addition, target parameters can be adjusted according to institutional shutdown protocols.
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