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Annual service

Providing professional warranty and post-warranty service. Depending on the wishes, after the warranty period, users of our equipment can choose one of the service packages.


The equipment presented by the company complies with the requirements of the Technical Regulations approved by the Decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as well as the established requirements for occupational safety and health. All equipment is registered and certified according to the legislation of Ukraine.

Guarantee rules

The company provides warranty service on various types of equipment. The warranty period starts from the date of installation or after 3 months from the date of delivery of the goods. Full maintenance of the systems is carried out throughout the warranty period.

Online consultations

The company provides online consultations on any issues at your convenience. You must fill out a short form to get the answer.

Check-out request

By filling in a special form, you can easily, and most importantly quickly, order our specialist's departure service to your warehouse or office.

Tips for long-term equipment service

See tips for long-term service for your equipment. Following our recommendations will save you time and money.