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Rest assured - choose the best analyzers!

Using an A15 automatic biochemical analyzer will give you a number of advantages over the use of a semi-automatic:

  1. The automation of dosing, thermostat, patient sample manipulation, readout and receipt results minimize the likelihood of human impact on the end result.
  2. The evolution of the laboratory, increasing the competitiveness and prestige of the institution.
  3. Automation of any laboratory process is very important for obtaining ISO certification and for laboratory accreditation.
  4. The cost of the test when using an A15 automatic analyzer is 60% less than using any semi-automatic analyzer. The machine uses up to 300 µl of reagent for the test, the semiautomatic device - 500 µl / test.
  5. The maximum performance of the automatic analyzer A15 - 150 tests per hour, the semiautomatic device - up to 60 t / h.
  6. When using a semi-automatic device, all tests are performed by a laboratory assistant. When using an automatic device, a lab technician can perform other clinical diagnostic tasks, such as working with a hematology analyzer or something else.
  7. The A15 automatic analyzer and the BTS-350 semi-automatic analyzer can operate autonomously or fully connected to the LIS (Laboratory Information System). We recommend using LIS to automate and standardize all laboratory diagnostic processes.

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