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  • MGB
  • Country: Germany
  • Established: 1906
  • Field of activity: endoscopic equipment

  MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin is one of the first German companies in the history of minimally invasive surgery. In early 1906, the company Georg Wolf GmbH was founded, which became the founder of the modern company. More than 100 years of experience in the production of instruments and equipment for rigid endoscopy, MGB has developed a wide range of innovative products for several areas of medicine.

In addition to its core competency in developing rigid endoscopes and video lenses, MGB offers unique imaging solutions, modern light sources, CO2 gas insufflators, integrated devices and high-frequency generators for a wide range of endoscopic operations.

Focusing on new technology, MGB collaborates with many world-class clinics and research centers looking for new approaches and delivering quality medical solutions. MGB is certified in accordance with the European quality standard EN ISO 13485 and respectfully supplies products labeled «Made in Germany». Medigran LLC is an official distributor and offers a full range of MGB products.