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  • eVent medical
  • Country: USA
  • Established: 2000
  • Field of activity: lung ventilation devices

Medigran is the official representative of the manufacturer of artificial ventilation devices eVent Medical. The American company was founded in March 2000 by therapists and engineers. The main task is to create highly efficient, cost-effective artificial ventilation devices that will allow doctors to provide highly skilled care.

EVent Medical has been developing product research and results for decades, using industry-leading innovations. Using clinical research, the company focuses on artificial ventilation devices not just as a passed stage, but as a system of improvement.

The company's core mission is to create reliable and functional ventilators that will allow doctors to provide the highest level of patient care at low cost.

Because lung ventilation and respiratory care is a core goal of the company, eVent Medical continues to develop its "E" brand as a symbol of integration into new technologies in the medical field. Also, supporting the integrity and accountability of our devices and services to healthcare providers.