Ear surgery. What to choose: an endoscope or a microscope?
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Ear surgery. What to choose: an endoscope or a microscope?

Endoscopic ear surgery is the latest technique for performing surgical interventions on the hearing organs and is being actively introduced throughout the world. In some cases, endoscopic ear surgery may result in a less invasive operation that can be performed entirely through the ear canal. The endoscope is one of two tools surgeons can use to see well during ear surgery. The other tool is a specialized microscope.
Microscopes have been used in otology for over seventy years. They make structures appear larger and have a very bright light. Surgical microscopes are large devices, weighing hundreds of pounds. The lens of the microscope needs to be about a foot away from the object (or target) the surgeon is looking at. As a result, other structures between the target and the lens can block the view. To overcome blocked views, surgeons sometimes need to make a larger incision (for example behind the ear canal) or drill away bone.
An endoscope is another type of device that can help surgeons see during surgery. It is shaped like a narrow tube and the lens is at the tip. The lens can be placed extremely close to the target, less than half an inch (or thirty times closer than with the microscope). This allows a very detailed view. Because the endoscope is so narrow, it can be slid past blocking structures. The endoscope also provides a wide panoramic view, whereas the microscope provides a narrower view.
Despite all the advantages and disadvantages, endoscopy is a new technology for surgical interventions, which is actively developing around the world. The German company MGB is actively working to create high-quality optics with a minimum diameter of the optical tube. A wide range of video lenses and a powerful light source help to accurately visualize the place of intervention. Choosing the endoscopic equipment of the MGB company, you choose the quality and reliability confirmed by more than 100 years of experience.

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