Ultrasound diagnostics as an alternative diagnostic toolkit COVID - 19
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Ultrasound diagnostics as an alternative diagnostic toolkit COVID - 19

 Due to the recent global outbreak of COVID-19, much attention is paid to the effectiveness of the diagnosis of patients with COVID-19, as well as to the treatment of patients with exacerbation of the lungs, which leads to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In an epidemic situation in the world with incidence of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002, in which the virus affected the respiratory system, and caused complications, caused atypical pneumonia with severe acute respiratory failure, radiation diagnostics - radiography and computed tomography - became an effective research tool. (CT).

In recent years, scientists and doctors have paid great attention to the study and study of the effectiveness and informativeness of the use of the ultrasound diagnostic method (ultrasound) for the incidence of chest organs (pneumonia, pneumothorax, pulmonary edema, etc.).

According to the results of previous studies, ultrasound of the lungs can be used to effectively identify patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. So, the practical value of these studies is shown on real examples of doctors from countries (Italy, Spain), where there is a large infection of COVID-19 among the population. Although a chest CT scan is the main tool for assessing lung damage, it is not always available in emergency situations. Therefore, rapid diagnosis is crucial for hospitalized patients. So, an alternative is ultrasound, with which you can diagnose, monitor and monitor the treatment process in real time, without requiring patient movement and the risk of transmission of the virus, which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, the use of a portable ultrasonic device ALPINION E-CUBE i7 (or other E-CUBE series) will provide you with the following advantages:

 - efficiency, mobility and efficiency;

- lack of radiation exposure compared to x-ray / CT diagnostics;

- non-invasiveness;

- the absence of restrictions on the premises, as patients can be immediately scanned when leaving the medical task force, on their beds or in clinics;

- the ability to quickly timely and multiple diagnostics to monitor the treatment process;

- when diagnosing infected patients with a sensor that is in contact with the patient’s body, it can be protected using a protective sheath;

- real-time image acquisition;

- high quality visualization, since the portable system E-CUBE i7 was designed based on the architecture of the stationary system.

We offer a COVID-19 pneumonia ultrasound protocol to help you perform a quality study.

How to scan a lung ultrasound?

 8 Zone method

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