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The brand of endoscopic equipment you need

Endoscopy is one of the modern methods for examining internal organs. The term "endoscopy" comes from two Greek words: endon - "inside", skopeo - "look", "explore."

Endoscopes are devices with which a study is conducted. Endoscopic equipment is used in surgery, urology, gynecology, gastroenterology, pulmonology and other areas of medicine.

The German company MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin is one of the very first manufacturers of medical equipment in Europe. The brand name is associated with a whole area of ​​modern surgery, and most endoscopic operations in Europe are performed using MGB devices.

At the beginning of its existence, MGB focused only on the production of diagnostic equipment, but eventually began to manufacture instruments for minimally invasive surgery. 

Today, a German company can offer the following equipment:

• endoscopic cameras;

• sources of light;

• insufflators;

• electrosurgical devices;

• pumps;

• rigid endoscopes and instruments for laparoscopy, urology, gynaecology.

Despite the great competition in the market, the German manufacturer of endoscopic equipment has several advantages that make it necessary to choose the equipment of this manufacturer:

1) Continuous introduction of new technologies and materials, which allows the flexible use of tools and materials in any conditions.

2) The great accuracy of equipment assembly, allows you to evaluate the quality of equipment and have a guarantee of work for many years. The company's products are assembled at the MGB brand factory.

3) The ability to form ready-made complexes and, if necessary, use them in other areas of endoscopy without affecting the quality and accuracy of the operation.

Choosing MGB, you choose high-quality equipment for minimally invasive diagnostics and surgical interventions.

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