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  • Alpinion Medical Systems

    • Country: South Korea
    • Established: 2007
    • Industry: Ultrasound Equipments

    The company Medigran is the official representative in Ukraine of the global manufacturer of ultrasonic scanners ALPINION

    ALPINION is an innovator in the field of direct improvement in the quality of reception and transmission of an ultrasonic signal (founded in 2007 in Seoul, South Korea, with a turnover of $ 57 million, start of sales in 2011, about 10147 units sold (1700 units per year), average annual sales growth 47%).

    ALPINION is a structural division of a large Korean holding company ILJIN. Since 2008, it has been singled out as a separate business segment focused on the development of medical equipment. The principles of ALPINION's innovative and recognized ultrasound brand E-CUBE (Extreme Clarity, Efficient Workflow, Ergonomic Design) reflect ALPINION's technological philosophy, which provides customers with the same image quality throughout the entire product life cycle.

    ALPINION has focused on acoustic engineering and advanced technology since we started our ultrasound business. Traditionally, the focus has been on ultrasound processing; Nevertheless, we switched our attention to the external interface with emphasis on the quality of the signal sent to the system processors. Based on the patented superior acoustic technology, ALPINION is constantly striving to expand the medical business from diagnostic ultrasound to therapeutic ultrasound.